UKBA President and founder member steps down

It is with great regret that we announce that founding UK Bodyboarding Association member, Cerven Cotter, has stepped down from his role as president. He has also opted to leave the committee and thus moving forward will have no further involvement with the UKBA.

He issued the following statement earlier today:

With immediate effect, I have stepped down from my role as President of the UK Bodyboarding Association and as a member of the committee.

It is evident from the lack of community support, I am not the correct person to lead the evolution of the bodyboarding scene in this country. And I am ok with that. I’ve always had the best intentions for bodyboarding regardless of how my intentions were, or are, perceived by others.The creation and setup of the UKBA was never about me, or any of those involved, it is about pushing bodyboarding forward in this country, kickstarting the contest scene. I believe by getting out of the way, things will continue to move in a positive direction for bodyboarding to be the ultimate winner at the end of the day.

So whilst it may appear as if nothing has been happening, the fire we started has spread:
1. The appearance of numerous local clubs/groups. 
2. The sudden interest and pushing of the sport by the unknown group of people known as AUKB (Association of UK Bodyboarders). I hope that with my exit from the UK Bodyboarding Association, sense will prevail, and we’ll see the coming together of these two entities to truly deliver for the UK community. 
3. The Welsh Bodyboarding Club affiliated to their surfing federation, a move which will hopefully see competitive riding reborn in that part of the UK.
4. The dormant English Bodyboarding Club appears to have come alive after a few years of inactivity. Again, all positive changes within the U.K. scene.

I’m hoping, actually asking, for those involved, from all the various factions, to come together and move this sport/lifestyle forward in the UK.
There are no more excuses.

My involvement with bodyboarding will continue with more time and energy dedicated to my expanding remit within the IBC. I hope to work together with the relevant parties across the country in order to bring an IBC event to the UK. 

See ya in the water.

~ Cerven Cotter

The UKBA would like to wish him all the best for his future endeavours.