Moving the British bodyboarding scene forward

In 1971 inventor and surfer, Tom Morey, created the first bodyboard, and now 50 years later, the UK Bodyboarding Association is revitalising the sport and moving it forward in the UK.
The United Kingdom Bodyboarding Association (UKBA) is a non-profit, unincorporated association established to serve the United Kingdom bodyboarding community through nurturing, developing and bringing professionalism to the sport within the United Kingdom.
Born out of the simple desire to see the sport of bodyboarding grow across the UK, the UKBA made itself known to the wider community in December 2020 via social media channels and a single page website. The proceeding months saw the initial team grow from 3, and as of March 2021, the UKBA is currently composed of 11 bodyboarders all serving a variety of roles on the committee.

The UKBA committee are all volunteers who fund their own membership costs and do not receive any financial remuneration for their work. Each of the committee members share the same passion for bodyboarding and the desire for it to be bigger, better and stronger.

Affiliation & Competition

The UK has not seen a competitive bodyboarding circuit since 2013 and the sport is currently adrift without cohesive organisation on a national level. The UKBA will run UK Nationals Championships in Autumn 2021, with a look at creating a full nationwide tour encompassing England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland UK by 2023. These events will feature Open Men’s, Open Women’s, Junior, Masters, Development and Dropknee divisions. Fundamentally, the UKBA is an open, accessible and democratic organisation and as such welcomes collaboration and input from any and all UK bodyboarders, groups and clubs. The UKBA exists to help and support those who want to create clubs or run contests in their local area or region.

The UKBA is an organisation built from the ground up by bodyboarders, for bodyboarders.

As an affiliated partner with Surfing England (SE), the UKBA offers its members a unique, dynamic and varied set of benefits for a small yearly fee. Whilst primarily aligned with Surfing England, the UKBA is actively working on relationships with the Scottish Surfing Federation, Welsh Surfing Federation, Channel Islands Surfing Federation and Irish Surfing.

UKBA is officially recognised by the International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC) as its UK partner with plans currently underway to host a IBC sanctioned World Tour event in the near future. Not only will a World Tour event showcase UK bodyboarding and its waves to the world, but more importantly, it will provide an opportunity for our riders to test themselves against the world’s best. Consequently, this will drive support of local business, both bodyboarding and tourism related.


The UKBA knows that bodyboarding can serve as a positive and transformational force across the UK (as has been proven in other countries such as Chile) and as such recognises the importance of development pathways for the community, not just the act of bodyboarding itself but the technical aspects of the sport too such as judging.

The UKBA embraces the spirit of all equalities legislation and is committed to providing an open, welcoming and non-discriminatory space for all bodyboarders. The UKBA will also provide a committee platform for bodyboarders from all four nations of the UK to share their input, suggestions and knowledge.

Bodyboarding is one of the most easily accessible of all the wave riding disciplines and brings untold joy to millions around the world, the UKBA will spread this positivity across the UK. The UK can become a major force in the world of bodyboarding and the UKBA is here to create a lasting legacy for future generations of British bodyboarders to take up the sport.

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