About the United Kingdom Bodyboarding Association

The United Kingdom Bodyboarding Association (UKBA) is a not for profit unincorporated association setup to serve the bodyboarding community through nurturing, developing and bringing professionalism to the sport within the United Kingdom

The UKBA is proudly affiliated with Surfing England so it can offer it’s members a multitude of benefits whilst empowering the UKBA to further grow and develop the sport of bodyboarding throughout the UK.

The International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC), the bodyboarding World Tour organisation, recognises the UKBA as their official partners in the UK.


1. Grow the sport of bodyboarding across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

2. Development of bodyboarding at all levels within the United Kingdom

3. Promotion of bodyboarding across the UK and beyond

4. Represent UK bodyboarding nationally and internationally


To uphold the values of bodyboarding:
–  sharing experiences, 
–  respect of each other,
–  empathy 
–  foster and grow positive relationships between all bodyboarders at a local, a national and an international level
–  respect and protection of the ocean and the environment,
–  protection of the beaches and bodyboarding locations

Promote bodyboarding to the widest audience possible regardless of age, gender, class, ethnicity or disability.

​To develop the technical and physical abilities of bodyboarders to practice  at the highest level possible

Implement and promote the internationally known rules of bodyboarding as defined by Bodyboarding International Officials Limited (BIO) within the United Kingdom

Open and maintain communications and cooperation with any structure or community, national or international organisation sharing the same goals and the same passion for bodyboarding and the ocean

To organise bodyboarding related events locally, nationally and internationally


Initially formed by the founding members in the middle of October 2020, the UKBA was made public on 22 December 2020 online iva the UKBA social media channels; Instagram and Facebook. A single page holding website was published on the same day.

The UKBA is proudly associated with Surfing England (SE) and is recognised by the bodyboarding world tour entity, the International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC).

UKBA founding team consisted of Cerven Cotter, Allan Horsfield and Thomas Cahour. Additional support and input has come from Phill Underwood and Jamie Sargent during the formation process.

As of October 1st 2021, the UKBA interim committee is made up of 5 bodyboarders from all over the UK.


All committee members work on a 100% voluntary basis and all share a common passion, the stoke of bodyboarding. Want to make a difference? Get involved, contact us today.

Daniel Atherton

President/ Treasurer

Matt Sleep

Vice President/Development Director

Nathan Lockwood

Communications & Press

Kelly Dawe

Merchandise & Wellbeing Coordinator

Thomas Cahour

Technical Director